Mini Meditation Incense Diffuser!

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Our Mini Meditation Diffuser is our smaller version of our Divine Deity Diffuser!  Our "Minis" are portable and easy to carry!  The 8.5 inch burner has the same potency of its mother but less than three times the size and weight!  Excellent for smaller spaces and rooms and even as a car freshener.  They work the same as their bigger counter parts.  You secure one end of the incense stick to the top of the cork and light the other end of the stick. Once the stick is lit you drop the incense in the bottle upside down and seal the cork on top of the bottle.  The incense smoke comes out the top side of the diffuser and the ashes are self contained inside the bottle!  No ash, no mess, no open flame!  All bottles are a unique and functional work of hand painted art!  Comes with your choice of incense: Lavender, Patchouli, Super Hit or Nag Champa!

Comes with an affirmation to implement when used.  Everything is a ritual with our intentions poured into from our hearts!  That's where the Magic happens!!!